News, Notes, and Updates
from the Webmaster of
Activity Professionals Online
4/17/06  Health problems of the Web Master have all but stopped updates on this site.  Check out the Yahoo group, though-- it's still very active!

7/3/05   Wow... time flies when you're chasing a two year-old!  :)   I'm updating all the main site pages today.  

3/6/05:     A March links page is up and running, and next I'll start cleaning up the rest of the site.  Meanwhile, the Yahoo group continues to grow and is very useful- be sure to stop in and check it out!

1/17/05  Updates are in progress!

8/15/04:  This site is a one-woman volunteer operation.  Right now that "one woman" is up to her eyeballs in moving boxes, chasing a toddler, and working on several other personal projects-- not to mention keeping up with the residents & MDS's at work!  :) 
          So, updates to this site will have to be put on the back burner for a while~ I hope you'll understand!  All of the current pages will remain in place until I have time to update them.  I did put together a page of August links,  and I have a couple of new pages started, but right now my priorities have to be at home and with my family. 
          In the meantime, be sure and check out our fast-growing Yahoo group.  Our little group has grown to include more than 200 members.  I check in there daily & I'm constantly amazed by the creative ideas members are sharing. Stop in~ you'll be glad that you did! 
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